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Resolved Announcements

Subject Date Status
Cloud Network Issues 06/05/2021 @ 16:46pm Resolved
Network Interruption 28/04/2021 @ 17:29pm Resolved
Network Issues 23/03/2021 @ 16:00pm Resolved
Cloud platform disruption 14/11/2020 @ 21:49pm Resolved
High load issue with Cloud Servers 16/10/2020 @ 15:33pm Resolved
Mail Slowdown 20/09/2020 @ 01:48am Resolved
We're performing some Emergency Maintenance 03/09/2020 [Cloud] 03/09/2020 @ 15:39pm Resolved
New Cloud platform and cPanel billing 10/07/2020 @ 13:10pm Resolved
[EMAIL] Delayed delivery of incoming mail overnight 14/04/2020 @ 09:12am Resolved
[EMAIL] Known delay with incoming mail 15/01/2020 @ 13:15pm Resolved