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Network switch replacement
Please see below for a notice of scheduled maintenance that applies to a service you have with us:

Work description: Public network switch replacements
Maintenance window: 15/05/22 20:00 to 23:59 (4 hours)
Downtime: None expected

The switches we use in one of our cloud racks will soon be reaching 'End of Life' by the vendor and will no longer receive software updates. As such we will be replacing both of the applicable switches in this rack with newer hardware.

The two switches in question provide the public network connection to/from the internet for the majority of our managed cloud servers. Due to the redundant nature of the two switches we will be carrying out the replacements in the following order to maintain network uptime:

1. All traffic will be forced to switch2.
2. Switch1 will be removed from the redundant pair and physically replaced within the rack.
3. Once fully configured and tested, all traffic will be forced through the (new) switch1.
4. Switch2 will be removed from the redundant pair and physically replaced within the rack.
5. Once fully configured and tested, traffic will be set to use the (new) redundant pair of switches and the maintenance will be complete.

As detailed above, no downtime is expected but this maintenance window should be considered AT-RISK.
Updated by Chris James on 9th May 2022 @ 10:10am
Network switch replacement
Unfortunately a key member of the network team responsible for this work has tested positive for Covid-19 and can no longer attend the datacentre. As a result, this maintenance is being postponed.

A new announcement email will be sent when the new dates/times have been arranged.
Updated by Chris James on 11th May 2022 @ 18:25pm