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Backup improvements
This email is applicable to Cloud servers using the built-in cPanel backup solution and details an upcoming service enhancement.

As standard, all servers come with cPanel backups enabled which are stored on a secondary drive in your server. We will soon be disabling this method of backups on your server and replacing it with our Advanced Backups service at no extra cost.

** Why make this change?

The cPanel method of backups lacks features, takes a long time to run, is limited in end user features and has security concerns.

On the flipside, our Advanced Backups (based on commercial software called JetBackup) solves these problems by offering much better features and flexibility with enhanced security and much better speed of backup runs.

** What are Advanced Backups?

This feature is provided by installing the commercial software called JetBackup - https://www.jetbackup.com/jetbackup-5/ . We will be licensing this software for your server (worth $5.95 per month!) at no extra cost to you.

** Will backups still be stored off-server?

Yes. In addition, due to backups being written via a secure SSH connection, they will not be easily accessible via command line making their storage more secure (if your server is compromised via command line, it is more difficult to access backups).

The advanced backup software can also accommodate storing copies of backups at multiple locations. If you have a FTP location or third party server you would like backups to be stored too, let us know and we can set this up for you (please note that copying backups to a server outside of our network will impact on data transfer allocations).

** What settings will be applied to JetBackup?

We will be rolling out the following settings to all servers:

- Full account backup taken once per 24 hours
- 30 backup/retention points stored (ie one months worth of backups)
- Backup time set to a random time to minimise load on our network and backup servers
- Backup space quota to be set to the same amount as your existing backup drive

The above settings should be fine for most users. If different settings are preferred, we (or you via the GUI) can change these at any time.

** How are data restored handled with JetBackup?

With the old cPanel backups restores are typically done by us on your request. This remains an option using JetBackup but this software also allows backup data to be restored by you (as the server owner) or even your clients via the cPanel GUI. These options can be limited in the Jetbackup settings.

** I already pay for Advanced Backups on my server?

This cost will be removed from your billing when this feature is rolled out.

** When will this change be made?

We will be installing the new feature on your server within the next 2-4 weeks. There will be no downtime or service interruption when the work is done so no announcement or individual notice will be sent.

When installing this new feature, account backups will start again from fresh. For this reason, we will be retaining the old backups for some weeks in case an old archive is needed for any reason. After the install you will see a new option in your WHM panel titled "JetBackup 5".

** Do I need to do anything?

No. Taking (and restoring on request) backups is part of your server management so something we are responsible for. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this enhancement.
Updated by Chris James on 13th May 2022 @ 10:03am