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Technical Infrastructure Status

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This announcement has been resolved, no further updates are expected.
Enclosure Migration
This announcement is to provide notice of import work that we need to carry out on the blade enclosure housing your server. We physically need to move the enclosure between co-location suites which is scheduled to be done at 10pm (UK time), Sunday 11th September.

The enclosure will be moved in one go (including all blades within it) and total downtime should not exceed 30 minutes.

This announcement will be updated before, during and after the scheduled work.
Updated by Alec B. on 11th Sep 2011 @ 17:32pm
Enclosure Migration
As a reminder, we will be shutting down all servers in approximately ten minutes to perform this migration. This announcement will be updated after the work has been completed.
Updated by Alec B. on 11th Sep 2011 @ 21:49pm
Enclosure Migration
To update this, the enclosure is moved over but unfortunately our switch config has reset to default so the settings need reapplying to this which will take around 10 mins.
Updated by Chris J. on 11th Sep 2011 @ 22:59pm
Enclosure Migration
The switch config was put back into place and all servers should now be back online. Please feel free to contact our support dept if you have any questions.

Updated by Chris J. on 11th Sep 2011 @ 23:33pm