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Technical Infrastructure Status

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Data migration
As detailed in our previous announcement, this server (harrison) suffered a hardware issue during Tuesday. After a series of problems while getting this resolved we got the server back online by moving the drives to a spare chassis which has resulted in all clients being back online since.

With all things considered, we consider this a short term solution aimed at getting clients back online asap but feel the chances of further problems in the future are too high for our liking. With this in mind we have decided to migrate all server data to a brand new blade server which should provide much better stability for the future for all clients.

Due to the circumstances this work is being done without delay. After preparing the new system earlier this evening we will be carrying out the migration work through tonight which should result in everything being finished well before the start of business Wednesday. The process we are using will sync all user and system data + configuration to the new machine in the first sync pass which will take up to 3-4 hours. Immediately after this another sync will be done which will sync any files that are new or changed since the first sync. Finally, after the second sync we will switch the IP's so that all traffic is handled by the new machine.

This should result in minimal downtime for clients (less than 10 mins). The first pass will be starting shortly and this announcement will remain updated.
Updated by Chris James on 30th Sep 2009 @ 01:59am
Data migration
This data move is unfortunately going much slower than hoped. At the current rate the first sync will finish around the middle of Wednesday so we are changing the schedule slightly.

The first sync will be left to finish however long it takes. After this we will be leaving things as they are with everything being served from the current (replaced) machine. At the end of business we will start the second data sync to catch updated/new files then once this is complete (much quicker than first sync) the IP's will be switched. This will mean that the final switch is done outside of business hours.
Updated by Chris James on 30th Sep 2009 @ 07:02am
Data migration
The first data sync is now complete. At 5-6pm today a second sync will be done which will be much quicker and update the new machine with any new, changed or removed files so that when the IP change is done, everything will be seamless and in sync.

This announcement will be updated later today as the second sync is started.
Updated by Chris James on 30th Sep 2009 @ 13:03pm
Data migration
The second data sync is almost complete. Within the next 30 minutes the IP numbers will be switched so that all traffic goes to the new machine. During this time there will be a few minutes of downtime.
Updated by Chris James on 30th Sep 2009 @ 18:14pm
Data migration
All work is now complete and everything is on the new machine with current and sync'd data. If anyone has any issues please feel free to contact us via a helpdesk ticket at help@clook.info
Updated by Chris James on 30th Sep 2009 @ 19:28pm