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Technical Infrastructure Status

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This announcement has been resolved, no further updates are expected.
New feature: Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe
Since we launched the Wordpress Toolkit feature last year, we have offered enhanced features such as site cloning and copying in the Deluxe version for an additional fee.

We're pleased to inform that we are now providing Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe at no extra charge to all customers. If you have been paying for this addon, it will be removed from your future invoices and your costs reduced.

If you resell web hosting to your own clients, you may prefer to continue charging extra for the Deluxe version of Wordpress Toolkit which can be achieved using feature lists and packages in your WHM panel.

Full details about Wordpress Toolkit and how much easier this makes life for developers can be seen here: https://kb.clook.net/article/getting-started-with-wordpress-toolkit/

This change to the packages adds to the list of enhancements rolled out during the last year:

* Increased storage space
* Unlimited data transfer
* More powerful servers
* Increased CPU/RAM limits
* Resource Boosts
* Backup improvements
* and now Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe

Thanks for your continued support and do get in touch if you need anything.
Updated by Chris James on 16th Feb 2022 @ 15:10pm