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Server migration (iommi)
This email is to provide notice of maintenance of the server your account is currently hosted on (iommi). Following on from the recent upgrades to package resources we would like to move accounts to newer, more powerful hardware.

We will be migrating your server on 23rd November 2021.

** What does the work involve?

We will take care of all of the migration work. This involves copying all aspects of your account to the new server which retains all data, databases, emails, settings and everything else done within cPanel.

** Will there be any downtime?

All data will be migrated while websites and services remain online. Once the first sync has completed we will do a (much quicker) second copy to sync any changed or new files. Following this there will be a period of downtime of up to 5 minutes while we implement some firewall rules to forward all traffic to the new hardware.

** Do I need to do anything?

You may need to make some settings changes if either of the two criteria apply to you:

1. If you have any domain names that ARE NOT set to nameservers under our control, you will need to change the IP address that your domain points to at your DNS provider after the migration. We will be installing traffic forwarding so everything will continue working on the old IP address for some months and we will contact you if your DNS hasn't updated after this time. If you are unsure whether this applies to you, it most likely does not.

2. If you know that your website does not work on PHP 7, you should set your account to use an older PHP version before the migration. Our newer servers have PHP 7.4 as the default version which most websites will work on, however, if you know that your website won't work, set an older version now to avoid any issues. A guide on this can be seen here: https://kb.clook.net/article/how-to-set-php-version-for-a-domain-in-a-cpanel-account/

3. If any of your websites connect to third party API's such as payment gateways that need the server IP whitelisting, you will need to update the IP address in their system. Your new reseller IP address and the new main server IP address will be sent after the work is complete.

Do not worry if you're unsure if either of the above apply to you. In the event that a setting needs changing we will be on hand after the migration to assist.

** I reseller hosting to my own clients, is there any information I need to relay?

We would recommend relaying the information in this announcement to your own clients. In addition, to assist our resellers we have put together a technical document containing more detailed information to prepare in advance for this work and some of our experienced from doing this work on our own shared hosting servers earlier this year. The technical document can be seen here: https://my.clook.net/docs/Reseller-Migration-Technical-Doc.pdf

** What happens now?

We will send another email before the work starts. When complete a final email will be sent.
Updated by Chris James on 18th Nov 2021 @ 16:15pm
Server migration (iommi)
The work to migrate this server will be starting shortly
Updated by Carl Lipthorpe on 23rd Nov 2021 @ 11:43am
Server migration (iommi)
The work to migrate all accounts from iommi to the new server is complete with all websites and services now live.

We have applied some firewall rules to forward traffic to the new IP addresses to minimise disruption while global DNS servers update which will remain in place until the end of the year. If your domain is set to our nameservers as most are, all traffic should land at the new server automatically without us needing to forward it within 24 hours.

** PHP errors

If you see any PHP errors on your website, this may be due to it not being compatible with PHP v7.4 which is the default version on the new server. You can set your website to use an older version by following the guide here: https://kb.clook.net/article/how-to-set-php-version-for-a-domain-in-a-cpanel-account/

** Third party nameservers

If any of your domain names ARE NOT set to our nameservers and instead uses third party nameservers such as Cloudflare you/your client will need to change the IP address that your domain points to at your DNS provider. To see the new IP address, login to your WHM panel then click List Accounts which shows the IP address of each hosted account.

** Email connections

If your email client is showing an error when connecting to email services (POP, IMAP, SMTP) please ensure that email software is set to connected to mail.domain.com (replace domain.com with the actual domain name) then restart the software to force a reconnect.

** New IP addresses

To see your reseller IP (on which all of your sites are hosted) login to your WHM panel then click List Accounts which shows the IP address of each hosted account. The main IP address of the new server (NOT to be used to point domains to) is

** Two-Factor Authorisation / 2FA

In some cases 2-factor authentication settings may have been disabled so will need setting up again in the cPanel.

If you have any questions or issues we'll be happy to help - please open a Support Ticket to get in touch ( https://kb.clook.net/article/how-to-open-a-ticket/ ).
Updated by Carl Lipthorpe on 23rd Nov 2021 @ 12:04pm