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New Cloud platform and cPanel billing

You are receiving this email because you currently have an active cloud server with us. There are two important updates we are sending to all clients:

New Cloud Platform

In February 2019 we suffered a network switch problem that caused some hours of downtime to most Cloud servers. After recovering from this problem and reviewing how we could prevent it happening again, we started work on a completely new system that has fully redundant networking in place.

After more than a year of work and hundreds of thousands of pounds spent we have now launched our new Cloud platform benefiting from much better stability, features and redundancy. To prevent downtime if a network switch fails, we have deployed double the number of switches meaning that any one (actually two out of the four in each rack) can fail without a second of downtime.

In addition to the above, we have developed a largely automated migration process that will migrate all data and server information to the new platform retaining all settings, IP addresses and everything else with minimal downtime (average less than 20 minutes).

So that everyone can benefit from the increased stability and redundancy we will be migrating all servers to our new platform over the coming months. Servers will be moved in small batches and we will be communicating with each client individually as each batch is scheduled.

Due to economies of scale, we can reduce our price of RAM and CPU units on the new platform so many clients will see a reduction in costs after the migration. For those on smaller servers with lower usage of RAM/CPU, we will be "grandfathering in" your cost so no fee increase for server resources will be seen.

cPanel License Billing

We use the cPanel software on all of our servers which is third party software involving license fees. Some may be aware that cPanel changed their billing model to a "per hosted account" system in October 2019 which effectively increased the fees for many of their partners by hundreds of percent. The increase to our - already 6-figures per annum - license cost was 50-60%.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to absorb these increased fees and will soon need to pass some of the increased costs onto clients. Over the coming months we will be changing cloud packages to include the cPanel license as a separate element of the service, billed as follows:

1-5 accounts: £0 per month
6-30 accounts: £5 per month
31-50 accounts: £10 per month
51-100 accounts: £15 per month
100+ accounts: £15 per month + £0.10 per account over 100

We are still subsidising the cost of the cPanel license but unfortunately need to pass on some of the increase in costs introduced by cPanel last year. The cPanel license cost will be applied as servers are migrated to our new, fully redundant Cloud platform as detailed above.

If anyone has any questions about any of the above please email sales@clook.net and we'll be happy to help.
Updated by Chris James on 10th Jul 2020 @ 13:10pm