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Covid-19 Contingency Information
This announcement is being sent to communicate a message from company management:

I’m sure you’re getting a lot of emails from suppliers about the worldwide outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. I'm not a believer in sending out emails to clients unless there is a risk to our service levels but due to us getting increased enquiries on the matter, it seems appropriate at this time.

I’d like to confirm that we do have Covid-19 contingency plans in place, some of which have been enacted but no alterations to your service are expected.

As a tech business, we are lucky that we can bring about changes relatively easily in line with our disaster planning policies and procedures. Our current plans include:

* Remote working now in place for all employees to help safeguard against virus transfer and impact of possible self isolation. Helpdesk tickets, telephone support and livechat will be unaffected by this change.
* As a business, our face to face contact with others is minimal but we are cancelling all face to face meetings with clients and suppliers to be replaced with video conferencing where possible.
* Contingency plans are prepared in the event that schools/nurseries close and the impact on employees with children.
* Government advice is being followed regarding international travel plans of employees along with advice on self isolation if any symptoms are presented.
* We have confirmed with upstream providers that they have contingency plans in place and there will be no service impact.

While the health implications of Covid-19 are the greatest concern for everyone, from a business perspective, I feel we are lucky. This business can adjust to changes such as remote working fairly easily without major impact on the business and our service levels.

My thoughts at this time are with anyone personally affected by this virus along with our clients with businesses in retail, manufacturing and other industries that cannot “go 100% online” as easily. We are here now and will always be here if you need any help or advice about your hosting service during this time. Please reach out to us if you need anything.

Chris James
Updated by Chris James on 16th Mar 2020 @ 13:24pm