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Technical Infrastructure Status

We believe in full transparency, everything you see here is 100% live.
This announcement has been resolved, no further updates are expected.
Server Offline (bathory)
This server is currently offline and is under investigation.

Further information will follow as it becomes available.
Updated by Sam Pizzey on 8th Mar 2020 @ 16:28pm
Server Offline (bathory)
Unfortunately this server appears to have suffered a hardware failure, we are currently replacing the hardware that looks to have failed and will have more information for you shortly.
Updated by Sam Pizzey on 8th Mar 2020 @ 18:02pm
Server Offline (bathory)
The hardware has now been replaced, and the majority of customers should be back online. We are reviewing a few known cases of sites that are still not loading, if you have a ticket with us please follow this for further updates. Apologies for the inconvenience caused by this issue, this was an unusual failure mode of hardware we haven't seen before and will investigate to find ways to prevent this in future where possible.
Updated by Sam Pizzey on 8th Mar 2020 @ 19:35pm
Server Offline (bathory)
The remaining issues have now been cleared - if you are still seeing any problems at all, please open a support ticket so this can be looked into for you as it's likely an unrelated issue.
Updated by Sam Pizzey on 8th Mar 2020 @ 19:57pm