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Technical Infrastructure Status

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Backup Network | IMPORTANT
At this time we are currently performing emergency maintenance on a portion of our backup network that your server resides on. This means that for the time being we have had to disable backups from being taken in order to do this. For a short period on some servers historical backups are not available for restoration, although they are still stored on the network and will be available to us once this period of maintenance has been completed.

It is important that if you are to make large changes to your site that may need a backup restoring from us that you manually take a backup of your site. This can be done via cPanel, more information regarding doing this is available in our guide:

NOTE: To do this you will require a minimum of 50% free disk space in your account, if you do not please request we create you a backup via a support ticket and we will provide you the file to download.
Updated by James Scott on 10th May 2019 @ 10:24am
Backup Network | IMPORTANT
Just to update this, this portion of our backup network is being brought back into action. We're currently taking backups again and will update this announcement when historic backups become available.
Updated by James Scott on 14th May 2019 @ 09:45am
Backup Network | IMPORTANT
Backups are now stable and have been for over a week.

We're in the process of reviewing hardware and will be upgrading this in the near future.

Updated by Arran Short on 28th May 2019 @ 11:35am