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Technical Infrastructure Status

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This announcement has been resolved, no further updates are expected.
Migration to new hardware
As many on this server will know we have recently been suffering some stability issues on this machine. Despite best efforts to resolve the problem it has continued so we are planning to migrate all data to a newer, more powerful machine this week.

This work is scheduled for the evening of Friday 19th November 2010.

This procedure is something we are very familiar with and involves syncing all data to the new machine while everything remains online from the old server. After the first sync (which can take some time) another, much quicker sync will be done to catch any new or changed files with the final stage being to simply turn the old machine off and bring up the same IP's on the new machine. All IP numbers, user accounts, files, databases and everything else will remain exactly the same and no clients need to make any changes or do anything for this work schedule.

Total downtime should now exceed more than 5-10 minutes at the time of the IP number switch over.

This announcement will remain updated.
Updated by Chris James on 17th Nov 2010 @ 15:04pm
Migration to new hardware
This is a reminder that this work is planned for this evening.

Due to the large amount of data to be migrated, work is already underway with data being seamlessly copied to the new machine throughout today. Later this evening the data will be sync'd again so that any new or changed files are kept in sync which will be much quicker.

This announcement will be updated again this evening.
Updated by Chris James on 19th Nov 2010 @ 13:14pm
Migration to new hardware
The first sync is now complete so the second sync will be started next to catch any new or updated files. For this part of the work we will be disabling email and FTP services on the server to prevent the data getting out of sync.

This part of the work should not take more than 20 minutes after which the IP switch will be done to activate the new machine as the live server.
Updated by Chris James on 19th Nov 2010 @ 21:05pm
Migration to new hardware
The final sync is almost complete so the IP's will be switched shortly. Please allow for 5-10 minutes downtime during the switchover.
Updated by Chris James on 19th Nov 2010 @ 21:34pm
Migration to new hardware
All sites and services should now be up on the new machine. The post migration work is now being done (eg reinstall fantastico, etc).
Updated by Chris James on 19th Nov 2010 @ 22:01pm
Migration to new hardware
This work is now complete and everything is running from the new machine. With this machine being considerably more powerful than the old one all stability issues should now be resolved.

Thank you for your patience and feel free to open a support ticket if you have any questions.
Updated by Chris James on 19th Nov 2010 @ 22:21pm