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Helpdesk ticket procedure change
Please be aware that in the coming weeks we will disable the ability to create new tickets by email. When this change is made all new enquiries to the Support or Billing depts will need to be created via the client area at https://my.clook.net/clients/

After creating the new enquiry via the client area, further replies can be sent via email though we will be monitoring this and do reserve the right to change this in the future to insist that all replies are made via our secure online client area.

* Why is this change being made?

First and foremost, security and data protection are always a huge factors for us. Email is inherently an insecure method of communication which is susceptible to “spoofing” so by insisting that enquiries are created via our client area we are ensuring that those contacting us are authorised to act on the account in question.

Secondly, in the majority of enquiries created via email we find that we don’t have the information required to begin solving the problem and need to ask for additional information which adds to the resolution time. We really like our first reply to be the resolution so by insisting that enquiries are created via the client area where we can gather much of the required info at creation time, we can increase the chances of this.

* What do I need to do?

If you already create tickets via your client area login you don’t need to do anything.

If you usually contact our Support or Billing dept via email you will soon need to create the new enquiry via our client area at https://my.clook.net/clients/

If you have authorised additional people to act on your account (usually employees, colleagues, etc) they will also need to create new enquiries via the client area. You can create their login on your authorised contacts section making sure the option marked ‘configure as sub account’ is ticked along with the 'view & create support tickets' permission. See here for an article on how to manage authorised contacts: https://kb.clook.net/article/how-to-add-authorised-contacts

We are planning on making this change in approx 1 month and this announcement will be updated at the time.
Updated by Chris James on 27th Nov 2018 @ 12:34pm
Helpdesk ticket procedure change
This is a reminder that we will be implementing this change to our helpdesk system within the next 2 weeks. We are still seeing a considerable amount of support tickets coming in via email where no authorised contact is setup so we urge all clients to verify any authorised contacts and add the details of anyone who may need to contact us in relation to our services.

A guide on how to add authorised contacts as sub-accounts can be seen here: https://kb.clook.net/article/how-to-add-authorised-contacts
Updated by Chris James on 17th Dec 2018 @ 13:02pm
Helpdesk ticket procedure change
This change will be applied to our helpdesk tonight (8th Jan 2019).
Updated by Chris James on 8th Jan 2019 @ 14:04pm