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Technical Infrastructure Status

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Server Memory Upgrades
In order to improve service uptime and stability, we have taken the decision to upgrade the physical memory in this server to a larger capacity.

During this process, there is an expected period of disruption which has been detailed below:

START: Saturday 22nd July 01:00am BST
END : Saturday 22nd July 04:00am BST

We expect service downtime per server to last approximately 20 minutes whilst the physical hardware is safely isolated from the rack and the memory is replaced by trained technicians.

We have taken all necessary precautions to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum, such as the decision to undertake these works during the quietest hours.
In the event of a significant issue, the works will be postponed and rescheduled.
Updated by Dan Miller on 20th Jul 2017 @ 14:55pm
Server Memory Upgrades
This work is now complete.
Updated by Ben H. on 22nd Jul 2017 @ 07:15am