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Technical Infrastructure Status

We believe in full transparency, everything you see here is 100% live.
This announcement has been resolved, no further updates are expected.
Cpanel/PHP updates
Maintenance window : 25-05-2017 07:30 – 25-05-2017 09:00 BST.

This is a notice of an “at-risk” period of maintenance.
We do anticipate there will be service-affecting disruption of around 5 minutes while this work is being performed, we will try to keep this to a minimum.

We need to perform important software updates and maintenance on this server to ensure the continued service and security of this server.
Basic summary of the work and expected disruption:
Cpanel will be updated which will cause brief POP3/IMAP unavailability and MySQL restarts during updates.
Apache/PHP will be updated, this will cause around 2 minutes of HTTP unavailability. We will be changing the secondary PHP stacks on this server to allow for future PHP changes.
Mod Security will be updated, this should not cause any unavailability.

Once the maintenance is complete, please check through your sites and make sure they are working and if you have any issues please open a support ticket.
Updated by Carl G-M. on 16th May 2017 @ 13:47pm
Cpanel/PHP updates
This is in progress.
Updated by Carl G-M. on 25th May 2017 @ 07:32am
Cpanel/PHP updates
The work is now complete other than the server hook that will be rescheduled. Please open a ticket if you have any issues at all.
Updated by Carl G-M. on 25th May 2017 @ 09:40am