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Technical Infrastructure Status

We believe in full transparency, everything you see here is 100% live.
This announcement has been resolved, no further updates are expected.
High Load (thompson)
This server is currently experiencing a high load which may be causing some issues with stability and access.

The matter is currently under investigation and further information will follow as it becomes available.
Updated by John Rushe on 19th Dec 2016 @ 21:44pm
High Load (thompson)
We have detected an issue with MySQL on this machine which has encountered a sudden crash.

We are running a full integrity check on the databases and starting recovery of tables now. This may take some time as the tablespace information is rebuilt.
Updated by Dan Miller on 19th Dec 2016 @ 22:08pm
High Load (thompson)
The table space rebuilt quicker than expected and the database is back online. The webserver is also back online which was temporarily stopped to limit requests to MySQL during these issues.

We will continue to monitor the situation over the remainder of the evening.
Updated by Dan Miller on 19th Dec 2016 @ 22:09pm
High Load (thompson)
The server is experiencing an issue again with mysql and we are currently investigating.
Updated by John Rushe on 19th Dec 2016 @ 22:25pm