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Technical Infrastructure Status

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This announcement has been resolved, no further updates are expected.
Network Upgrades
Dear Customers,

We will be upgrading the primary network switches in the rack that houses your services during the following period:

START: Monday 28th November @ 22:00 GMT
END : Monday 28th November @ 23:00 GMT

During the above maintenance window, loss of connectivity will occur whilst the physical switching hardware is replaced. We estimate that the total downtime will not exceed 15 minutes, however we have allocated a larger at-risk window of 60 minutes in case of any unforeseen issues.

We understand that loss of connectivity can be inconvenient, however we are carrying out these works outside of working hours to ensure disruption is to a minimum.

Finally, should you have any queries regarding these works, please raise a support ticket within client area.
Updated by Dan Miller on 25th Nov 2016 @ 16:24pm
Network Upgrades
Just to clarify, the services affected are as follows:

- Non-Cloud Virtual Servers
- Rackmount Dedicated Servers
- Hosted email

Blade dedicated server customers are not affected as a result of these works.
Updated by Dan Miller on 25th Nov 2016 @ 16:31pm
Network Upgrades
Please be aware that these works will be starting shortly.
Updated by Dan Miller on 28th Nov 2016 @ 21:53pm
Network Upgrades
These works have now started.
Updated by Dan Miller on 28th Nov 2016 @ 22:02pm
Network Upgrades
These works are now fully completed.

We thank customers for their patience during the brief downtime.
Updated by Dan Miller on 28th Nov 2016 @ 22:22pm