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Technical Infrastructure Status

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Scheduled Network Maintenance
Dear Customers,

We have identified some recent issues with network switches within our infrastructure. These are isolated to a handful of servers.

Whilst we have been liaising with the vendor, there is a firmware update available which we have been advised will fix these sporadic issues.

Therefore we will be performing scheduled network maintenance during the following period:

START: Wednesday 14th September, 2016 (22:00 BST)
END: Thursday 15th September, 2016 (03:00 BST)

During the above period, a small window of network connectivity loss is guaranteed whilst core switches reboot.

The above is a window where we will be carrying out the essential maintenance and does not reflect the total amount of downtime for all servers. We expect downtime for servers to not exceed 10 minutes per group of servers.

Unfortunately we do not have any specific times as to when servers will be unavailable due to the flexible nature of the works.

Should you have any queries regarding this maintenance window, please contact our 24/7/365 helpdesk who will be happy to help.
Updated by Dan Miller on 8th Sep 2016 @ 13:45pm
Scheduled Network Maintenance
These upgrades will be started shortly.

As a reminder, a small amount of service loss will occur whilst primary switches are rebooted for the new firmware to take effect.
Updated by Dan Miller on 14th Sep 2016 @ 21:56pm
Scheduled Network Maintenance
This work is now mostly complete. Due to the work taking longer than expected we will be scheduling another (shorter) window at a later date to finish off the work.
Updated by Ben H. on 15th Sep 2016 @ 03:39am