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Technical Infrastructure Status

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Server Migration - 21/05/2015 (hendrix)
We are planning to migrate all of the data from this server to a newer, more powerful machine next week.

This work is scheduled for Thursday 21st May, 2015 starting from 14:00 GMT+1.

The migration process involves synchronising all of the data to the new machine whilst everything remains online. After the first initial sync, we will perform a much quicker synchronise to locate any file changes that may have occurred between syncs.

Once we are satisfied everything is in place, we will remove the IP addresses from the old server and bring them up on the new hardware.

All files, databases, email accounts, user accounts and IP addresses will remain the same. Clients do not need to make any changes or prepare for this work, aside from a small amount of service disruption.

The total downtime should not exceed more than 5 - 10 minutes whilst we bring the IP addresses up on the new hardware.

We will keep customers updated of progress in this announcement.

A web accessible version of the announcement can be found at https://status.clook.net
Updated by Dan Miller on 18th May 2015 @ 16:58pm
Server Migration - 21/05/2015 (hendrix)
This has now started.
Updated by Chris Yates on 21st May 2015 @ 14:21pm
Server Migration - 21/05/2015 (hendrix)
Migration is now complete.
Updated by Chris Yates on 21st May 2015 @ 16:29pm