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[NOTICE] DNS Cluster
* Using reseller servers for DNS is being deprecated
* You need to update your nameserver IP numbers if you haven't already done so

Before we had a DNS cluster each server had their own nameserver entries. While this works as expected it has many downsides, such as if the server is offline for any reason your DNS goes down and entries such as your MX (email) records are not resolvable.

This potentially can cause loss of emails as well as caching issues, where by a negative cache is inserted into an ISPs recursive server and results in your site being un-available to their customers.

All newer (< 5 years) customers are directed to use our DNS cluster and DNS access is disabled on the servers themselves, however a small number of older customers are still using the servers directly.

Moving forwards
Due to an increase in DNS based attacks (both flooding of requests and reflection attacks), we are planning to close off DNS on the remaining servers and have all users on the DNS cluster.

This will have benefits including;
* Less exposure to DNS related attacks
* Higher redundancy for DNS services
* Less services on the web servers, lowering the load on them

How does this affect me
If you use any of our generaic nameservers this announcement does not affect you. However, if you use private nameservers set to an old set of IP's, to avoid downtime on your sites it is critical that you move your nameservers over to the cluster before we block the traffic which will be seamless and cause no downtime.

To change your nameserver IP's (aka glue records) you either need to contact your registar (if the domain is not with us) or submit a support ticket (help@clook.info).

While the support we can provide for updating domains with 3rd parties is limited our support team will be able to assist you where possible.

What IP addresses should my nameservers point to
The DNS cluster currently uses the following IP address:

Please ensure your nameservers are glued to these IPs, unless you are using a 3rd party DNS service.

Are my name servers pointing to the DNS cluster
You can check your nameservers using the following tool http://dnsclustercheck.clook.net/.

If in doubt please contact our support team (help@clook.info).
Updated by Clook Internet on 9th Jul 2012 @ 14:32pm