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Technical Infrastructure Status

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Server Upgrade
Hazel (the server you are hosted on) is one of our older servers and has been showing signs of falling behind on resources so we are planning to migrate all data to a brand new machine of significantly higher power (x2 RAM, x3 CPU).

This work is something we have done many times before and will involve very little downtime. All user data will be copied over to the new machine which will take a few hours during which time all activity will be handled as normal by the old machine. After the first sync we will do a much quicker re-sync to catch any changed or updated files and immediately after this we will simply turn off the old machine and reboot the new one which will then take over the same IP's and handle all activity. There may be 5-10 minutes of downtime at this time while the IP allocations map to the new machine on the network.

This work is scheduled for Friday 8th May. The first data sync will begin during the afternoon which should finish in the evening. At this time the second sync will be done which shouldn't take more than an hour and if all goes to plan the shutdown should take place between 8pm and 10pm Friday evening. This announcement will remain updated throughout.
Updated by Alec B. on 6th May 2009 @ 15:38pm
Server Upgrade
This is a reminder that the work to migrate data from Hazel to a new machine will be happening this evening. Full updates will be provided to this announcement list.
Updated by Chris J. on 8th May 2009 @ 16:21pm
Server Upgrade
The first data migration pass is almost complete. After this a second pass will be done to sync any updated files which will be much quicker (estimate 1 hour).
Updated by Chris J. on 8th May 2009 @ 21:54pm
Server Upgrade
The second pass is now complete and the old server will be powered down with the new one rebooted to bring about the same IP's as in use on the previous machine.
Updated by Chris J. on 8th May 2009 @ 22:44pm
Server Upgrade
This work is now complete. All data is migrated to the new, and much more powerful machine.
Updated by Chris J. on 8th May 2009 @ 22:58pm